What happens when you fully trust Amber and embark on a journey of co-creation? Take a look for yourself!

A New Luxury Kitchen

Inspired by the saying 'love comes through the stomach,' the "Aloha" project began with a luxurious kitchen renovation and evolved into a full-scale transformation, reflecting the Japandi style of minimalism and harmony.

Contemporary Tranquility

The 'Dear Summer' renovation illustrates how mid-range updates can significantly boost property value through sustainable and smart design choices, like repurposing cabinets and choosing affordable, high-quality materials. Amber’s focus on detail and strategic planning, led to a lucrative $300,000 increase in the home's value.

Enchanted Entertaining Kitchen

In this renovation Amber transformed a mid-range kitchen, seamlessly integrating it with pool access to optimize the family's living space.This strategic remodel highlights the expertise in creating spaces that blend practicality with relaxation, making it a good example of innovative interior design solutions.

A Vegas Home

In a grand gesture of appreciation, a loving son thought of an ambitious project to give his parents a home transformation that would encapsulate luxury and new era. Collaborating with another designer Amber turned a traditional Spanish house into a contemporary masterpiece, reflecting the spirit of Vegas life.

Southern Highlands Sanctuary

Through strategic kitchen and bathroom renovations, Amber enhanced this Vegas home’s functionality and aesthetic, integrating modern appliances, custom storage, and luxury finishes. Her designs not only elevated daily living but also preserved the home's unique character.

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