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The 'Dear Summer' renovation illustrates how mid-range updates can significantly boost property value through sustainable and smart design choices, like repurposing cabinets and choosing affordable, high-quality materials. Amber’s focus on detail and strategic planning, led to a lucrative $300,000 increase in the home's value.
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This project is a testament to the power of strategic renovation.

Given a task of transforming an investment property for a mid range budget, Amber did not budge easily when things didn't go as planned. Instead of seeing stubborn hardwood floors that wouldn't leave the sacred space, as a setback, it became an inspiration for the home's strong character.

Keeping the project within a modest budget, Amber's creativity shone through. Shopping smartly for materials, like selecting shower tiles from Floor & Decor, ensured that quality was not compromised by cost. Rather than replacing cabinetry and fixtures with brand new items, she gave existing pieces a new life with a polish or color and changing accent pieces.

Even small touches, like updating the curtain style, were thoughtfully chosen to align with the home’s architecture, enhancing its overall appeal and charming energy. Three years post-renovation, Amber’s mix of passion and strategic thinking paid off, with the property selling for $300,000 more than its pre-renovation value.

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Full Interior Renovation (mid range)

The Full Interior Renovation service encompasses every aspect of transforming your space, from the initial concept to the final unveiling. Whether it's a high-end luxury design or a mid-range renovation, lead designer Amber dives deep into planning, coordinating construction efforts, selecting and procuring all furniture and accessories, and managing installations to ensure every detail aligns with your vision. Tailored to both new constructions and existing renovations, this talented Vegas designer's comprehensive approach guarantees a personalized dream come true.

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