A New Luxury Kitchen

Inspired by the saying 'love comes through the stomach,' the "Aloha" project began with a luxurious kitchen renovation and evolved into a full-scale transformation, reflecting the Japandi style of minimalism and harmony.
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Do you remember the saying, 'Love comes through the stomach?'

In renovating the 'Aloha' residence,we took this concept to a whole new meaning. Beginning with a high-end renovation of the kitchen, the heart of this stunning home, my co-creators were eager to extend this transformation, aiming for a cohesive and harmonious space. Inspired to amplify the spark of energy from Aloha's heart, we did a further renovation.

The result? A home tailored perfectly to the owners' dreams, featuring expansive areas for entertaining the guests, seamlessly integrated new flooring throughout the whole home, more storage space, a bar area that invites social gatherings and a big kitchen island and all new appliances.

Inspired from the calm and simple yet beautiful essence of Japanese design, Amber created a space that not only attracts the eyes but also brings the feeling of peace and balance.

Note: Given a last-minute request for a wine cellar, Amber expertly integrated it into the design, demonstrating her remarkable architectural and interior planning skills.

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Full Interior Renovation (high end)

The Full Interior Renovation service encompasses every aspect of transforming your space, from the initial concept to the final unveiling. Whether it's a high-end luxury design or a mid-range renovation, lead designer Amber dives deep into planning, coordinating construction efforts, selecting and procuring all furniture and accessories, and managing installations to ensure every detail aligns with your vision. Tailored to both new constructions and existing renovations, this talented Vegas designer's comprehensive approach guarantees a personalized dream come true.

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